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#throwbackthursday to our holiday in France

…where alf face-planted the sand

…I could squish Robb’s cheeks like so and he wouldn’t get embarrassed

…we ate A LOT of moules {moules marniere, curried..you name it, we ate it}

…Paul burnt his forehead and nose {for the billionth time} and I had silly hair.

Looking forward to making more holiday memories soon!

A run home and candy floss clouds


I really wanted a good run tonight. I might not get a chance for a while now. But I didn’t help myself by having a ridiculously huge dinner followed by a bloody great big crumble swimming in custard. S w i m m i n g. So, 5 o’ clock came, I got my running gear on and headed out for my run home. My first mile was my best mile yet, 6:50! But, flippin heck it was hot out there! It got hotter…harder…I carried on…and then, there he was, running towards me, waving his cap when he saw me. Me woop woop-ing when I saw him. Dad. We started off at the same time, me from work in Llandderfel and him, from home in Llandrillo. We met up at around the halfway mark, he turned around and we ran the rest of the way back home together.

But seeing that face and that cap?! {and listening to his running tips}…they got me through those last couple of miles.

Candy floss clouds helped too.

Day 7 of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

How did you get on?!

Never miss a chance to dance!


Barefoot – check.

It’s starting to rain – check.

You’ve got a 7 year old hanging on for dear life – check.

You’re {trying to} eat a nobbly bobbly – check.

…Some dodgy rag on the line behind you…?!…- check…

The spontaneous dances are sometimes the best.

Day 6 of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

ps – one of my favourite dancing quotes “Trust me, You can dance” – Vodka. ;)

Llanfest 2014

You know it’s going to be a good day when there’s enough of you to fill half a bus, there are bags being carried that are doing that funny ‘clinking’ noise…and alf has just shouted to a man sitting outside the Dudley ”Hey! How come every time I pass the pub, you’re sat outside it?!”…awkward! Anyway, here’s what we got up to at Llanfest:

^^ but first…let me take a selfie! ^^

We danced, laughed, emptied 6 cans of ‘squirty string’ within minutes of getting there, caught up with friends, danced and laughed some more, some of us ate strawberry after strawberry {looking at you Freddie!}, slurped on slush puppies, enjoyed a pint or two, danced some more…and not forgetting eating a bag of chips waiting for the bus home while supping a can of lager…classy, eh?!

Llanfest 2015, we’ll definitely be seeing you!…Kids or No Kids, we’ll see, but they loved it too and Robb was actually going to let me get involved in one of the dance-offs!* He’s a good ‘un.

Day 6 of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary…what’s not to love about dancing with friends, the sun shining and having the best time and it’s still only 4pm!

*Don’t worry, I didn’t! But I’ve got a year to practice my moves…

“The more that you read, the more things you will know…”


We hadn’t left the shop that we were in and Robb couldn’t wait to start his new book. This makes me soo happy! He bought it to take with him on our holiday, but the way this boy of ours reads, he’ll need another new one before we head off!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you will go”

Dr Seuss.

Eat it up bach, eat it up. I hope you get to see it all. x

Day 5 of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.