{captured} 8am


…Arriving at work and being kind of ok with the fact that my car key has snapped and I am unable to put petrol in it.*  Otherwise I would have no way got these images this morning.  Nor would I have had the honour of riding one of Paul’s road bikes

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*Although I hope it’s ok for the weekend, because I’ve got to get to this!

Running Diaries {The Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon}


That morning, months ago, when I bumped into someone I knew at a garage in Coedpoeth, little did I know our quick five minute conversation would end up in me signing myself up to run a half marathon.  And for my Dad and sister to sign up the following week.  But that’s just what happened.  Fast forward to today and here we are to tell the tale.

We trained, bought new running gear, trained some more, discussed fake tan for race day {…that’ll be Lowri, not Dad!}, we had our ‘off days’, we had our ‘on form days’ and before we knew it, race day was here.

There were a few toilet visits before we set off to the starting point.  Nerves, I was told, but a part of me thought my body just wasn’t used to consuming water on a Saturday night!  We had a few laughs with other runners who were lining up with us, but not before the three of us hugged and wished each other good luck.  13 miles later {2 of them v e r y hard}, a lot of wine gums, awesome encouragement from family members and a sprint finish we were hugging each other again at the finish line.  That’s not forgetting the really ugly face I pulled  to get over that finish line within two hours…

We’ve discussed our run a few times {who am I kidding, A LOT!} since Sunday and I asked them last night what’s the one thing they will remember from the half marathon.  Lowri answered “the wine gums!” and Dad said “Running it with you two”…he really did, God Love Him!

Me?  All of the above.

As I got up to leave that evening, Dad hugged me and said “I’ll get you next year!”…and he probably will too!

Birchbox : My top 7 products

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It’s really bugging me that it’s not an even number!  But I suppose by the time you get to the end of this post, it will be…sort of.  I’ve been a member of BIRCHBOX for about 3 months now.  BIRCHBOX is a box full of beauty and lifestyle products sent to your home every month for you to sample.  I’ll be honest, not everything I’ve been sent has been a hit but I have discovered a few that I would definitely go out and buy.

And here they are:


1 : balance me wonder eye cream | I have been applying a small amount of this every evening, it smells good, feels great when applied and looks like it’s doing something.

2 : N4 Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect Leave in Conditioner | I am loving this!  I find the regular conditioners make my fine hair greasy.  But spraying this on my towel-dried hair twice a week is working wonders!  It says it also provides color protection too – high five!  Not only does it smell lovely but it also got a thumbs up from my hairdresser.

3 : SOIGNE botanique | Painting my nails and I.  We’re hit and miss.  Sometimes I like it…and then half hour later decide they make my sausage fingers {thanks Paul} look even more chubbier and stumpier.  But I do like this colour.  It feels all grown up.  And it goes well with bike oil, too

4 : laura merice flawless skin face polish | Want to know what I love?  A good gritty face wash.  One where you can really feel it scrubbing and doing all kinds of greatness to your skin.  This is one of them.

5 :…and this is another!  VASANTI BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator | I have used this one more than the one above.  It smells amazing and my face is glowing afterwards.  But that could be down to how much I scrub and scrub and scrub…soo good!

6 : benefit they’re Real! mascara | there was always going to be a mascara in this post, wasn’t there?!  But there is a good reason why for this one.  The brush is what I look at first when buying mascara.  And this is a good one.  The tip of the brush has extra ‘spikes’ at the end which helps with the lengthening of the lashes and with the lower lid lashes.   A lengthening mascara with a great brush. #Win

7 : Wild About Beauty creme eyeshadow in ‘olivia’ | Wild About Beauty is co-founded by the gorgeous Louise Redknapp and international make up artist, Kim Jacob.  I always tend to go for the more natural or lighter eye shadows, so sending me this in ‘olivia’ was ideal for me.  I’ve been wearing it more or less everyday since it arrived.  It’s creamy, easy to apply and is staying on all day for me = big hit.

So I mentioned there would be 8 products by the end of this post.  And here it is:

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the original beauty blender!  At first I thought it was some sort iphone contraption…then I thought it was a foundation applicator…then I thought it was a make up brush cleaner…and then I decided to actually take a proper look at it.  I’d guessed correctly, it’s a foundation applicator.  I can’t give you a proper review on this as I haven’t tried it yet {plus there wasn’t anywhere to attach my iphone… ;) }, but I strangely kind of love it without ever using it!  Will keep you posted if I do.

And there you have it.  My top 7 {8…whichever way you want to look at it} BIRCHBOX products received so far.

Fingers crossed, the September ‘HAPPY DAYS’ Box {they’re all themed} is a good one.  You can go online and see what’s coming in this month’s box…but I like getting a nice surprise when the box arrives…you know, a bit like living on the edge ;)

{captured} the morning sky


Now that there is a school bus to catch in the mornings, we all seem to be ready a lot sooner than ever before {looking at you alfie lowe!}.  That school bus must be one hell of a ride or something…

Anyway, this means we get to go for a lovely walk up the lane, take in views like this one, talk about the day ahead of us, school, what we can do after school…and “why is horse poo so big, mam?!”…

Did you spot the Church?!  Ten points to you!

Hello September


I’m happy to see you, I really am.  We’re back into the swing of things at home {well, 2 days in anyway!} with the morning routine now that everyone is back at school.  Although Alf still thinks he gets to stay up til w h e n e v e r.  There have been tears every bedtime so far this week, so work in progress that one.  We’ve got nine years as Mr & Mrs Lowe to celebrate.  There is promise of a completely-child-free weekend, diolch to Mam & Dad.  There is a half marathon to be run.  There are leaves changing their colours, cozy knits and layers to be thought about and paired up with those new boots that have just been ordered…

I’m really happy to see you, September.

“a fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye”