Taking Stock : Bois Bach Style

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making the most out of this weather and these goggles…Alf’s face though!

drinking all the hot chocolate for Alf and tea with one brown sugar for Robb.

reading  everything!  Alf’s reading has come on loads and it makes me so happy to hear him reading anything and everything {signs, shop names and posters etc.} while out and about.  Robb, my favourite bookworm, has just finished ‘The Dream Snatcher’ and really enjoyed it.  Back onto Spooks straight away after finishing it, too.

wanting for lunch; a bowl of custard with strawberries for one and a bowl of beans with a babybell on top for the other.  It’s Sunday, I’m feeling lazy…they had it.

wishing ”that no one be grumpy” said Alfie and ”I was in my new bedroom” said Robb when I asked them just now.

enjoying not being in school.  I’m not sure if I agree…will let you know in about two weeks ;)

loving doing handstands in the swimming pool.  But they’ll NEVER beat me…not that I’m competitive or anything…especially with a 7 year old…

hoping to get away with washing and brushing their teeth today, no doubt.

wearing these goggles to swim…and still in their onesie’s right now.

knowing how to wind each other up.  Oh, they’ve got this one down to a tee.

feeling ”normal” and ”really well, thanks!” when I just asked them now.

giggling at boobies in the papers, apparently.  *insert monkey hiding it’s face emoji here*

watching Wrexham FC in a cup final on the telly right now!  That’s the next couple of hours sorted.

Happy Sunday!

Bois bach de chi werth y byd xx

Pick a name, Any Name.


”Iawn Lei?” you’d say to me when I entered your kitchen.  With your fag in your mouth, the ash as long as the fag itself,  having not dropped at all.  That was a skill right there, Flo!

“Lei la lei la lei la lo” you’d sing to babies, swinging them from left to right at the same time.

I sang it to my bois bach on a number of occasions, thinking of you the whole time.  Also thinking of what you’d make of my babies.  Loving on them just like you did everyone else,  no doubt.

I wonder if you’d be shoving fags into their 13 year old hands saying “Cyma fo!  Take it!  Of course you smoke” like you used to do to me.  Along with some money and a packet of crisps.

I’d love to spend a few hours with you now just chatting and telling you how I can finally knit!  All that time we sat in front of the fire, watching ‘Pobl y Cwm’ and you teaching me to knit?  It finally paid off.  All those times you fed me the creamiest mash ever?  Mine will never be the same but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s very nearly there.  And all those times we laughed when you’d hitch your skirt up and warm your backside on the roaring fire in the living room?  I get it Flo bach, I so bloody get it.

Lei la lei, indeed


{Running Diaries} A Challenge


It was at this ‘take a breather moment’ during today’s run that I decided on my next move. I blame the nobbly bobbly I ate not long before heading out for this breather. To up my game a little bit. The two runs I’ve managed this weekend haven’t been my best. There are a few reasons for this. And I won’t go into them all here, because no one likes too much information. A lack of sleep is one though and another is sleeping soundly in the nook of my left arm right now. How’s that for multi-tasking, eh?!

So, back to my challenge, to run at least 2 miles everyday for a month. With one rule; if, for some reason, I can’t run that day, I make up the two miles the following day. Easy. She says.

Is there a point to this? I’m not sure, really. I’ll let you know on the 22nd April.

It might have something to do with this film and setting yourself up for challenges and completing them. Plus tonight’s tea was inspired by a recipe from that film and it was so good!

I’m on it.

Oh, one more rule; to enjoy my challenge.

Completed any of your own challenges recently? And by challenges, I don’t mean eaten a spoonful of cinnamon…ok, yes I do and I want to see the video! ;)

If a photo was to sum up our Saturday, it would be this one.


Alf asleep on my lap.  *Hang on, I’m going to repeat that*…Alf asleep on my lap.  {With lots of dog hair too, judging by this photo.}  Because, I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember the last time this happened…6 hours later and sadly, I still can’t quite remember.  As cuddly as he is, napping on your lap is not the done thing when you’re 7 year old Alfie Lowe.  So we knew something* was up with him when he asked to wear a coat when we were heading outside!  Alf will just about wear a coat in the middle of winter.

Anyway, that nap, I soaked that nap up like it was the last one on Earth.  In awe of those cute little freckles, the lovely long lashes and those soft, sweet cheeks.

*Places more orders for ‘Alf asleep on laps’…and make them good ones.  Preferably one’s where Wales wins the 6 Nations too.

*That something has just come back up in the mop bucket.  Nice.

{captured} My favourite moment from the Eclipse


…and possibly my favourite photo this year yet.  Robb in his element using his very own handmade pinhole box to view the Eclipse.

As soon as I saw the clear sky this morning, I decided that Robb and Alf were coming with me to see the Eclipse today I, along with others in the office, had arranged to go up the mountain to get a good view of it.  I hadn’t heard if the school’s were doing anything or not, therefore thought this would be great for them.  I wasn’t wrong.  We went up there with our ‘pinhole box’ and other equipment that the men had, found a good spot and watched it all happen.  It didn’t get as dark as we’d hoped, just enough to notice it and the temperature too.

Alf managed to make everyone laugh with his running commentary and wit on EVERYTHING…and everyone.  And during one of his moments, I happened to look around and find Robb doing his thing, resulting in the above photo.  I LOVE IT.

Bois Bach de chi werth y byd.

Thanks to the lads in the office too!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

it feels good

Because of the morning snuggles without any words being said with your son, because of the compliment, because of the laughs {and frustration!} over the IT guy, because of the first time this year we sat outside for lunch, because of the opportunities, because of yet another gorgeous evening run

…it feels good to be alive, doesn’t it?

Inspired by this post.

Five Times I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry whilst baking with my son

When your 7 year old is on the school council {who voted him in, I’ll never know…} ;) , he comes home and every now and again will tell me about council stuff he has done.  That is, of course, when he can be bothered to tell me about anything that goes on at school…we only tend to get a “yeah, school was fine” or the odd ‘fart story’… Anyway, last night he had to bake cakes for the school comic relief day.  He took on this task very importantly…resulting in this post, because of my OCD kicking in when it comes to baking with my kids, ‘Five Times I Didn’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry Whilst Baking With My Son':

1 :: When whisking the cake batter with one hand, he managed to do the devil horns with the other and pull a “Miley Cyrus tongue out” face, which lead to cake batter on my top and on my chin.

2 :: Licking the spoon clean after filling/overflowing each paper cup…{these cakes have since been eaten by immediate family members and haven’t gone to school, you parents will be happy to know}

3 :: You know the phrase “Are we nearly there yet?” when travelling with kids?  Replace that with “Are they ready yet?” and Alf ready and waiting by the oven door as if he was about to run the 100m hurdle final…but with oven gloves on.

4 :: When we were making the butter icing, I was explaining to him that we don’t put all the icing sugar in all at once as there will just be a huge cloud of icing sugar.  He listened very carefully, looked at me with a cheeky smile and put the whole friggin’ lot in in one go {?!} and exclaimed very happily and proudly “I feel like a man on a building site, Mam!” whilst elbow deep in butter icing and dust everywhere.

5 :: Alf sprinkled the cakes with a plate underneath in order to catch those that didn’t quite make the top of the cupcake and to stop them from going everywhere.  So what does he do when they’re all done?  He only bloody goes and FACEPLANT’S the plate of sprinkles with his tongue sticking out to see how many he can ‘lick up’ in one go.  Resulting in, yes you guessed it, sprinkles E V E R Y W H E R E.

I think there’s a few sprinkles stuck to the bottom of my socks right now.

Aah, these kids, not so bad, are they?  Says her who has managed to bag an afternoon of no kids tomorrow to watch the rugby – wahey!

Do you bake with your kids?!  How do you cope?!

Most importantly…Wales for the Win, yes?!