Today {Saturday, 18th April}


It’s fair to say, today has been a slow day.

You won’t hear any complaints from me. Ok, so maybe the cupboards are empty and we never got to bike club…but there was blue skies all day and I’m now filling the bath for two very muddy little tree planters.

And there’s a Vienetta in the freezer.

Something I read today “And anyway, finding yourself wherever you are – isn’t that the best we can hope for?”. I liked that one.

The W.I…and 7 things I learnt.

So, I thought it was going to be a little while {read as: a lot!} longer until “W.I meeting” popped up in my calendar.  But no, thanks to Gary, my curiosity to see what actually goes on at these meetings was answered the other evening as he’d asked Lowri, my sister, and I to be his hair models for the evening he was hosting at our local W.I meeting.  Side note:  Is this what happens when you have long hair?!  *Kisses new longer hair*.

The above photo is our ‘after’ photo.  Gary demonstrated an ‘up do’ with Low’s hair and showed how to give your hair some body by curling my hair.  More on these below.  Here are a no. of things I learnt from my evening at the W.I:

1 :: Firstly, let’s talk about hair, because that is why we were there, wasn’t it?  Putting your hair up for a fancy do any time soon?  You need to curl it first.  It doesn’t make sense really does it?, to get it all pretty and to then simply ruin all of your hard work by just putting it up.  But it will hold your hairstyle much better.

2 :: The W.I. Ladies {aka older generation} really did not have any idea just how much back coming is …err BACK these days!  It was quite funny hearing all the gasps when Gary started on Low’s gorgeously curled hair.  It was funny listening to them all reminiscing about the ‘back combing days’ too.  Which leads me to no. 3…

3 :: I think it was during the conversation on hairspray that sugar and water was mentioned.  I had no idea this is how they would ‘set’ their hair back in the day!  I was even more surprised to see that people still do it today!  See HERE and HERE.

4 :: I am currently reading heynataliejean’s book {with the same name}, which I’m loving and don’t want to rush through it, so am picking it up and reading it when I know there is a chance I won’t get interrupted and can just fully enjoy the book.  Anyway, in it she mentions her hair and how eventually you just have to let it do it’s own thing, “ACCEPT THE HEAD GOD GAVE YOU”.  And it wasn’t until after Gary had finished with my hair, I actually got what she was saying.  It might be because of the ‘stage’ my hair growing is at at the minute, but my fringe has been driving me mad.  Not doing as I’m asking/telling it to do.  What did Gary do with it?  He just let it fall/part where it wants to.  And do you know what?  I liked it.  Even more so because it has definitely made me decide that I’m going to grow my fringe out too.

5 :: After my W.I cherry was popped, I was just a little bit more curious as to how W.I came about…I need to get out more, don’t I?!  Anyway, did you know it was set up in 1915 during the First World War to encourage women to become more involved in producing food?  I didn’t.  So there you go.

6 :: And it’s not just for the Blue Rinse Brigade!  Oh No!  On their website it states that “membership is open to women who have reached the Age of Majority”.  {I had to google that, too…18 and over, if you are wondering.}  Sadly, this wasn’t the case here, I think my Mam was the youngest at 52.  Or is she 53?!…Click HERE to read how young women are joining in more and more these days.

7 :: And no matter what you do or where you are, W.I is not, I repeat, NOT the same thing as Merched y Wawr ;)

So, that was that.  My first W.I experience.  Diolch yn fawr to Gary for asking us to be his models for the evening and for the lovely welcome we had from everyone there.

But, tell me, do you go to W.I or Merched y Wawr?!  AND definitely tell me if you have tried the sugar and water trick?


The 5 Stages of putting on football socks…


Tonight’s version anyway.

1:: “Right , Alfie.  Are we ready?!  Yes?  Ok.”

2 :: …I’d only managed to get it over his toes, well kind of, when “Aah! Mam!  My toes!  They’ve squished and clicked!  Why would you do that?!”

3 :: …I’ve not even got the sock over the heel of his foot, when “Straighten your leg, Alf!  Straighten it!  More!  Try, Alf!” After some laughs, we’re done.

4 :: Get my breath back and sort myself out…and straighten my bra.

5 :: Realise that we forgot to put his shin pads on first…

These two…


One not knowing I was taking his photo and the other asking me to.

…take a wild guess as to which was which.

bois bach, de chi werth y byd a mwy.

{It was pointed out on social media the other day that I shouldn’t be forcing my kids into dangerous places for the “best photo”.  I would NEVER put any of my kids {or anyone for that matter!} in any danger for the sake of the perfect photo.  Just pointing that out.  Diolch.}

Living Arrows         Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

{captured} a perfect end to a great week off

DSC07467 DSC07473

Suddenly this evening, the weather changed.  The wind and rain had changed to blue skies and an orange glow all around.  So we quickly changed out of our pyjama’s {ok, maybe just me…} and headed out.  There was still enough wind to give us all rosy cheeks and there was the damp and cold grass smell, reminding us of camping trips to come.

It Feels Good #2

It’s the Mr Whippy.  The blue sky with the scattered candy floss clouds.  It’s the sun on my shoulders reminding me to apply suncream on the bois bach again.  “Son of a Preacher Man” heard coming from a neighbour’s garden.  Not quite drowning out the noise of the kids playing on the front lawn…unfortunately.  It’s the clothes hanging on the line, reminders of yesterday’s adventures.  It’s savouring the opportunity to read a new book in the garden.  It’s making plans with Paul.  It’s popping a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge to enjoy with friends tonight.  “All of me” by John Legend.

It feels good to be alive.

…It’s pretending the “Mam, I need a piss” moment never happened yesterday… ;)

Blood, Sweat, Tears…

DSC07441 DSC07444 DSC07445

“Family Ride.  Blood, sweat, tears, a wrong turn, choice words and a puncture.

At least we are laughing now ;) “

Paul Lowe, 2015

“I forgot just how liberating it is to pee outside.”

Cerys Lowe, 2015

“I thought we were going to die out there…”

Robb Lowe, 2015

“11 miles.  Phew!  I just cycled 11 miles.  ALL BY MYSELF!” to anyone who would listen.

Alfie Lowe, 2015

All in all, a successful family day out at Llyn Brenig.