it’s all gravy

Yes, I know it’s a Christmas gravy boat but it is the only one we got and read further for an explanation on why the ketchup is on the table

for me, there isn’t anything which pleases me  more than a gravy boat filled with good ol’ home made gravy. food wise, anyway…i got me a hottie of  husband, sori! too much info! anyway, back to the gravy boat. filled with meaty, ever so slightly peppery gravy! oh yes! i drink the stuff. it pains me when i see my bois bach putting a dollop of sos coch (tomato ketchup) or salad cream on the same plate as the gravy. i get all itchy…sori again!…back to the gravy…haa! (i did a funny). my highlight of making the gravy is getting to taste the damn sexy stuff as i go along. you have to taste test it by dunking a proper heaped tablespoon of buttery mash into it (it is in the  perfect  gravy rule book that gravy and mash together has to taste heavenly, am i right or am i right?!) and then by dunking the meat that it’s lovely jubbly juices came from into the gravy. giving yourself a whoop and a high five because of it’s awesomeness. i am serious about that last bit, and yes i know i need to get a life.

which leads me to the  important million dollar question: which is your favourite gravy? and any tricks you would like to share?! my favourite is lamb gravy. and my tip is always put a splosh of red wine in it. mmm mmm.

it’s ALL about the gravy.


off to find myself a life…

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